Types of Braces for Teeth

Basically, braces for teeth are used to correct the problems of teeth and for proper alignment of teeth. The braces for teeth are made on the principal that keeping the pressure on the teeth to straighten them. The various type of braces are available in market, they are

  1. Metal braces
  2. Ceramic braces
  3. Lingual braces
  4. Invisible braces

Traditionally metal braces and ceramic braces are most use but they now totally replaced because

  1. They cause more pain.
  2. Patient discomfort from wires.
  3. Due to their appearance in front.

To overcome above problem, the invisible braces are mostly used. The benefits of invisible braces are

  1. They are transparent in nature.
  2. They didn’t require any wire.
  3. They are easily removable.
  4. Less time-consuming procedure.
  5. Cost is almost equal to traditional braces.

The invisible dental braces Incognito two type

  1. Lingual braces
  2. External braces

The lingual braces are also known as nano or incognito braces. These braces are placed behind the teeth and they are invisible due to their position. Whereas external invisible braces are very smooth and made of the polyurethane polymer. The primary difference is lingual braces are not removable.

Now let us see metal braces

Basically metal, braces are based on the principal that teeth are getting align by applying pressure and it consists of small bracket cemented to the teeth. These brackets are connected to teeth by wire. The wire is regularly tightened to gradually shift your teeth to the natural position. The problems with metal braces are

  1. It’s easy for food to get stuck in them.
  2. Carefully brushing is very important to maintain good oral hygiene.

Dentist warn of DIY braces fad

Orthodontists around the country are warning people of a disturbing new trend floating around the internet and social media that are “do it yourself” braces. Dentists suggest that there are videos online that supposedly teach you how to use different things to correct your teeth, but they are not safe.

They explain to you how these do it yourself (DIY) videos but it can lead to irreversible consequences.

The American Association of Orthodontists said that, “DIY braces is a trend they want to see come to an end.”

So always stay connected to the best dentist and maintain good oral hygiene to keep smile on face.





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