Top 10 real estate website

As technological innovations, the online property buying and selling landscape is changing very vastly. Now real estate developers are more aware of new technology innovation and getting more things user-friendly.

Anuj Puri, Chairman & Country Head, JLL India said that “Adoption of technology will continue to increase across businesses in 2017. Pertinently, the ratio between the growth of a business and its real estate requirements will change, as technology is proving to be a disruptor across sectors. The technology sector is becoming less people-driven and more process-driven. Due to the increasing use of technology, a company witnessing a revenue growth of USD 1 billion could require only 20,000 employees in place of 35,000 it requires now.”

We know that everyone looks for home from time to time and searching home a door to door is a really difficult job. The online platform is a better option than relying on the brokers. But the main problem with real estate website is there are so many real estate website and app, so people are totally confused and normally started with Google searching and it takes a long time to search to get your dream house.


Now let us see top real estate website in India

  1. No broker – As the name indicates, houses are listed by their owners, so it’s great to get home without paying a huge amount of brokerage fee.
  2. 99 Acres – It is a most popular website with a listing of 10 lakh properties across the country.
  3. Magic bricks – It uses GPS to search in your preferred location and helps you search for properties in all major Indian cities.
  4. com – This website has claimed 60,000 verified listings with a large number of photos.
  5. Common Floor – This portal provides the biggest set of listings in Bangalore and also shows owner and broker list.
  6. com
  7. Nestoria
  8. Flat Chat
  9. Nest Away
  10. India Property

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